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Outbound Telemarketing Malaysia

When people say telemarketing, outbound calling immediately comes to mind.

Outbound telemarketing is the proactive form of telemarketing. It requires you to actively reach out to targeted prospects you’ve never been in touch with before through unsolicited phone calls. It aims to raise awareness about your products or services among your target consumers and convince them to make a purchase.

Cold calling is harder than the inbound calling. As the term implies, you’ll find yourself being treated with a cold shoulder and rejection. It is because you will be dealing with customers who have not shown any interest in your product or service. Additionally, people commonly consider cold calls and sales agents as intrusive and annoying.

However, outbound telemarketing Malaysia costs lower. This is best used by businesses that have a limited budget on advertising and marketing. You also have greater control since you are the one initiating the call. Its success depends on the quantity and quality of prospects you call daily using the best practices and strategies in cold calling. Although converting prospects is more difficult, you can still end up spreading information about your products to many people.

To get started, you need to hire experienced telemarketing outsourcing malaysia who have good sales skills and a high tolerance for rejection. Preparing a sales script with relevant responses to objections is also recommended. 

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