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Malaysia’s investment in digital industry has been growing over the year. Malaysia is confident to be competitive in global and regional to provide one of the best BPO outsource service due to its strategic location and quality infrastructure.

Competition for business process outsourcing (BPO) in Malaysia include BPO customer service outsourcing, Telemarketing outsourcing and call center outsourcing has been intense in the Asia-Pacific region. While countries like Philippines, India and china has remain as the top service providers in the global market, Malaysia emerged as a impactful competitive challenger.

One of the upper hands Malaysia have been because of the multilingual culture. Of its 32million citizens, most of the Malaysian tends to master at least 2-4 languages including but not limited to : English, Bahasa Malayu, Tamil, Mandarin, Cantonese, and many more dialects. Malaysian has been popular for their adaptiveness to languages around the world.

Malaysia’s outsourcing market development

Malaysia’s position across the APAC outsourcing market is relatively still a young player. But they are marching toward an unexpected industrial boost to local & foreign outsourcing market.

A recent report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that Malaysia BPO outsource service market is forecasted to deliver $1.4 Billion revenue by 2021, creating more than 10,000 job opportunity in the Malaysian BPO industry.

ALEXANRA WORKS’s Manage Director – Alex Han says the Malaysian BPO industry is getting popular prominently in the global market. The high currency conversion rate from the European and American country has attracted many companies to engage BPO at Malaysia. In addition to the outstanding language proficiency demonstrated by Malaysia, some companies even contracted them for a long-term BPO customer service type of services.

“I’ve been in the BPO Malaysia industry for nearly 10 years, and BPO Malaysia will continue to grow in the next 10 – 20 years. To be a long-term trustworthy BPO outbound telemarketing Malaysia service provider, we need to ensure that the data obtained from the clients is always encrypted.” Says Han.

Engaging with a BPO company is technically inviting a business partner to handle matters that you need help with. So, when a business is engaging with BPO, both parties should liaise closely to ensure minimal miscommunications, and enhance the understanding of the business.

There is a growing number of companies started to outsource their customer service and telemarketing to BPO companies, and focus on what they are good at. This partnership model embraces the flexibility of a company, and with the SLA provided by BPOs, companies can have a peace of mind and allow the partnership to grow.

ALEXANRA WORKS is willing to provide free consultation to companies who are considering to engage BPO Malaysia for your customer service, and call center outsourcing Malaysia. Drop an email to ALEXANRA WORKS at (hello@alexanra.com) or call us at +603-7682 8000.

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