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Our Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer service is talked about a lot these days. Their wants and needs impact every aspect of your business. Happy customers create positive outcomes which directly affects the livelihood of your business. Alexanra can be your best partner in this regard, promoting friendly, empathetic and responsive customer service.

Customer Support
(Answering & Resolving Queries)

Customer Survey
(Product Feedback & Reviews)

Product Support
(After Sales Satisfaction)

Order Processing
(Process Starting from Ordering to Delivering)

Technical Support

Our Inbound Contact Outsourcing Services

Having a reliable partner is always vital to the business at large. An efficient and prompt inbound customer support is as crucial as having a great product. Your customers deserve a world-class customer experience. So, what are you still waiting for?

Billing Query

Phone Answering

Order Taking & Reservation

Enquiry & Complaints Handling

Product Information & Knowledge

24/7 Dedicated Hotline & Chat Support

Technical Support

Our Outbound Contact Outsourcing Services

Looking for an efficient way to win customers ? We have a powerful team of outbound contact agents to do it for you. Meeting goals, increasing sales and reaching your target audience is never a problem anymore!


Leads Generation

Customer Acquisition

Market & Product Research

Customer & Mail

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Loyalty & Product Promotion Services

Debt / Credit Recovery Collection

Business Process Outsourcing Malaysia: How BPO benefit businesses in Malaysia

In business process outsourcing Malaysia (BPO Malaysia), we perform as an essential subcontractor for business operations as alternative of using internal staff. The use of BPO services expands tremendously because many freelancers, independent contractors, and large scale enterprises resorts using external service provided by BPO agencies. ALEXANRA WORKS, is one of the new leading business process outsourcing in Malaysia, specializing in Call Center outsourcing, Telemarketing and Customer service.

Customer Service Outsourcing Malaysia

Outsourced customer service is when the business owner transfers the customer communication channel to a third-party service provider. Customer service is outsourced through call Center outsourcing service, where there is a trained dedicated professional agent handles all of your business’s incoming calls including; complaints, inquiries, sales & services.

Customer service is critical for the success of a business and inconvenient things usually happens when a business owner are too busy to handle every communication channel. You cannot ignore customer service calls, as it may affect your long term business reputation.

Outsourcing your customer service to a third party is not an easy decision because business owners have uncertainty at their customer service at the beginning. After all, what business owners want is to ensure that your business can provide five-star quality customer service to keep up with client’s demand.

Many global companies have resorted to have partner up with Malaysian BPO and label their department as customer service outsourcing Malaysia.

Call Center Outsourcing Malaysia

Call Center outsourcing is a collaborated partner specialized in managing customer communication that exists outside of your office and organization. They generally handle all of the inbound queries, but can also do proactive and reactive outbound when required.

By using outsourced call Center, it takes your customer service department entirely off your overheads and into your operating cost. Some businesses tend to outsource call Center to transfer the responsibility from in-house to a dedicated service provider. By engaging call Center outsourcing Malaysia, it allows you to tap into experience and expertise without the risk of managing and hiring new talent.

There are 3 main categories of call Center outsourcing Malaysia;

  1. Onshore – Call Center campaigns run by businesses in the hosted country. (Malaysia)
  2. Near shore – Campaigns run by businesses within neighbouring countries. (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia)
  3. Offshore – Outsource call Center campaigns run by people in distant countries, and usually preferred for cost efficiency reasons.

Telemarketing Outsourcing Malaysia

Businesses are fighting against multiple challenges including thinning margins, higher competition, and growing customer expectations – and these challenges aren’t changing anything soon.

But some of the fastest-growing organizations resorted to outsource outbound telemarketing to handle services like telesales and telemarketing to generate quality leads while reducing their overall costs. Many businesses has also turn their options to hire BPO partners with Telemarketing Outsourcing in Malaysia.

When you engage with a Malaysian BPO, the multi-lingual culture in Malaysia are able to help you to communicate in at least 3-4 different languages including; Chinese – Mandarin, Malaysia/Indonesia – ‘Malay’, Indian – Tamil, and even English.

It is much cost efficient to hire outsource telemarketing and outsource telesales compared with hiring internally. Much lesser money will be spent on constant hiring and training internal sales teams and you can focus more on your main businesses. In fact, outsourced telemarketing services have been proven as one of the highest rates or ROI across sales organizations.

Engaging BPO with ALEXANRA WORKS can save time, money, and resources to train and on-boarding new talent. We offer Telemarketing Outsourcing Malaysia that has expert in telesales, Inbound Telemarketing and Outbound Telemarketing.

The advantage of an outsourced team is knowing that your staff has the expertise to handle customer calls professionally, cross-selling and upsell opportunities intelligently, and deliver exceptional five-star customer experiences consistently.

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