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Having a reliable partner is always vital to the business at large. An efficient and prompt inbound customer support is as crucial as having a great product. Your customers deserve a world-class customer experience. So, what are you still waiting for?

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Inbound Telemarketing Malaysia

Inbound telemarketing is a reactive type of telemarketing that encourages clients to call you first.
To prompt clients or prospects to make a call, you will need to have active advertisements, networking activities, or any pre-sales efforts. Alternatively, you can also get a call by leaving a message, flyers or even exchanging contact information through different channels. Some leads can even be generated through your website from search-engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and more..

In inbound telemarketing Malaysia, customers usually have the initial have the initial interest about your products or services. Your role is to answer all inquiries and provide more information about the product or service. Empathy is a key element during this stage. It will allow you to have a strong understanding of your customer’s needs and the solutions for it.

Once the customer has decided to make a purchase, you can begin taking orders.

Experienced inbound telemarketers can use upselling or cross-selling strategies to provide real and higher service value to customers. However, it can only be used during appropriate situations.

The challenge with inbound telemarketing lies before the call begins.

You need to allocate sufficient funds to produce a compelling advertisement using different media such as television, radio, print, or online. If you can’t get your message across, the likelihood of receiving calls is low.

But if you manage to catch the attention of your target market and interact with them properly, the conversion rate will become higher compared to outbound telemarketing.

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